White Christmas in the mountains

From the warm countryside to the snowy mountains…

After saying goodbye to Debs I was left standing at the bus station with nothing but good memories. I was soon aboard the bus speaking crap french, but more importantly, on my way to the mountains in Saint-Lary. The journey was eventful of course, I nearly missed my bus in Barcelonne de Gers as I never realised I needed to change bus stops, then the train doors wouldn’t open to get off the train in Lannezeman but luckily I was saved by some guy waiting on the platform.

Arriving to no snow…

Looking up towards the chalet

On arrival in Saint Lary I was greeted by my host Clare, a cool American dude called Andy and a huge dog called Chester. We headed up the mountains towards the chalet and after plenty of ear pops we finally arrived at a beautiful chalet high up in the mountains, this would be my home for nearly two months. After a few hours at the chalet we were welcomed by another HelpX volunteer, a french girl called Charlotte who had come to work and ski for the winter season.

Living the life…

Me and Americano Andy chillin

Over the next few days we were introduced to Clare’s life in the mountains, she is a very aspiring person who runs her own business independently with the help of a few HelpX volunteers throughout the year. Work is what you would typically expect from working in a hotel/restaurant, cleaning, preparing and serving food with various bits of renovation work. The chalet is 100m away from the lifts which take you up the mountains where you can ski or snowboard, it’s amazing to be so close to the lifts, you can really just get out of bed and go.

Snow finally has arrived…

Looking out at the nearby ski runs

It snowed heavily last week for a few days so there is plenty of snow around. This gave me the golden opportunity to do some skiing which I’ve not done before. I’ve been twice now and it’s brilliant, today I managed to go on a few steep runs (red – for all you skiers out there), they were very steep but i surprised myself and handled them pretty well considering I’m a total beginner.

Christmas just around the corner…

Ready for the next slope

I’ve volunteered to be the French Santa Claus, this could be an absolute disaster with my basic french vocabulary, let’s hope the kids don’t ask too many questions! I also got a present from my mum which was a nice surprise, it’s the only present under the tree so far so well done mum! I’m going to be doing a lot more skiing over the next few weeks so I will be uploading some pictures for you to look at, maybe even a video of me skiing.

Until then, peace out, Happy Christmas and have a great New Year!

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4 Responses

  1. Dazza says:

    Man, that is SO cool. Green with envy here…

  2. chris says:

    Sounds great mate. Can’t believe you shaved the beard off! I’ve been showing pictures of it around the office (to mostly negative responses).

    Take care and Merry Christmas,

    • Jonathan says:

      It had to go, it was making me look too serious :-/ I could have guessed their would have been negative responses 😀

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