Swaying palm trees of Collioure

A peaceful journey for once…

Me at Tolouse making my way to Collioure

The journey from Esconnets to Collioure was at last a peaceful one, no panic, no stress, no mistakes – finally! With a brief change over in Toulouse, I had an hour to wonder around the city centre. It’s great wondering around a city with your life on your back, new sights, new smells, new people, great fun! I read somewhere the French people are the highest consumers of Pizza, would you believe it! even higher than Italy! So with that information in mind I couldn’t help myself but get a take out pizza before my train arrived. The pizza was delicious and everyone around me was sure to wish me “Bon Appétit” as I munched away happily, always makes me giggle inside that does.

The lighting sets the scene…

Fishing boats sleeping

I arrived in Collioure when it was dark which turned out to be the best time to see the town. Collioure is well known for it’s beautiful lighting and what an amazing place it is. The palm trees separating the town from the beach, the lighting shining high against the fortress, and the sound of the Mediterranean lapping the shore – magic! Jen decided it wasn’t too late to show me around and gave me a tour around some different parts of the town, with Collioure well known for it’s art there was no suprise to see bits of art dotted around the various places we visited which was great to see, afterwards she admitted she was a tour guide in the past – I knew it all along!

Walking, talking, learning…


I’ve been here nearly two weeks now and it’s been a totally different experience compared to the others I’ve done so far. Firtsly, I’ve mainly been doing work on the computer rather than working with my hands – but I’ve still managed to fit some seals around the windows and doors and some other bits and bobs. Secondly, being by the sea is a really refreshing change from the countryside and the mountains, there’s something about the sea that really fascinates me, maybe I should write a poem about it, something I’ve also been working on lately, I’ve been writing a few poems so I will post some on here for you guys to have a look at.

Experiencing new things everyday…

Waves washing the shore

Jen is a great cook and she has introduced me to new food and recipes, frozen bananas are now my favourite dessert! I’ve been to my first classical music showing in the fortress which was a real treat to the ears, and it was free entry which seemed crazy considering. Tonight we went to an art exhibition which was also a first for me, talking about what we liked about each piece of art was fun and interesting to see how different people have different opinions – the free alcohol and food helped! We’ve done lots of walking, the views looking down on the town and out to the Med are breathtaking and one’s I won’t forget in a hurry.

Searching into the unknown…

Great shot of the med - dreamy

I’m leaving at the end of next week, where? I’m still not sure, but I will be planning on the weekend, I’m still thinking Barcelona so let’s just see what happens, let the trip take me and not the other way around. I feel very focused at the moment and my eyes are opening further to the delights of this world we live in.

Until next time all, enjoy life, peace and love, Jonathan x

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4 Responses

  1. chris says:

    Great post Jon. Art, poems and long walks, sounds like you’re a changed man already, which is good as the old Jon was crap (only joking).

    Take care, Chris

    • Jonathan says:

      Haha! Just had a random flashback of you walking back to your desk with a cup of tea in the left hand, and stirring with the right, also walking past me in the gym with your tshirt rolled up to the shoulders – hahahaha! and the first fart which rocked the world! legendary!

  2. Daryn says:

    Hey Jon! When we stayed in Collioure we encountered a special weather occurance which is specific to that region. It was called the ‘mistral’ (I think that’s how you spell it). The Mistral is a really powerful but short gust of wind. As we were camping when we stayed in Collioure we experienced it to the max. It was pretty crazy. You could hear it coming from miles away and then when it hit it was like superman had flown past at high speed.

    I like the poem.
    Happy exploring.

    • Jonathan says:

      Haha, sounds crazy man, it’s been really windy here but not enough to stop me falling over after trying to lean back countless times into the gusts, I was mocking it in a way, I love mocking the wind 🙂 Collioure is awesome, would definitely recommend to people as a potential holiday destination.

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