Bustling streets of Barcelona

Crossing the Spanish border…

Cool architecture at Catalunya square

The train from Collioure to Barcelona cost 15 euros, early in the morning with my incredibly cheap tickets in hand I jumped on the train and waved goodbye to Jen who had kindly packed me an apple and some water – very motherlike!

As soon as I crossed the Spanish border the first thing I noticed was how incredibly sexy the girls were, after this I noticed how dry the terrain had become, and the slight increase in warmth – perfect.

On arriving in Barcelona I successfully managed to navigate myself to the hostel with some expert reading of some very clear directions. The hostel was cool, very spacious dorm, and I was led to it by a beautiful spanish girl, I love spanish girls!

Wondering the streets of Barcelona…

Big group of French love

Armed with a map of Barcelona, a bottle of water, and a sunny afternoon I headed into the city on the Metro for my first adventure.

I wondered up La Rambla – the heart of Barcelona, great vibes, and a refreshing change to hear the tongue of the Spaniards. I reached Catalunya square – a common place for people to meet, ironically I met two cool French girls here who little did I know at the time would create a very unexpected weekend for me.

I arranged to meet them both a few hours later and the night went from there, we met more French girls, drank some beer, and had a cool time exploring the streets and visiting different bars. Barcelona comes alive at night and is a brilliant place to go for the nightlife.

Another random day in the world of me…

Party on!!!

Saturday came, the day of the big carnival just outside of Barcelona were everybody wears fancy dress, dances, and gets very drunk. I went into the city to meet back up with the two French girls with the intention on going to the Carnival. We somehow made the decision not to go, and ended up going to the beach instead where we met 6 French guys who had started the party early (somehow I attract French people).

Of course we joined forces, stocked up on beer and headed to the nearby hills which overlook the city – just in time for sundown. It was here where we met a swedish guy called Anton who seemed a bit lost in life, I talked about HelpX with him and gave him the number for my next placement, a great opportunity for him to make a change in his life too.

Travel hard, party harder…

Carnival night in Razzmatazz

After sundown we headed back into the city, it was Saturday night and anything was on the cards. As we walked La Rambla a mere distraction made me lose all but one member of the group. We headed towards the nightclub the French guy assumed everyone would go. It turned out to be Razzmatazz, the most famous nightclub in Barcelona, 5 clubs in one! The French guy took too long entering so I left him and went in search of some beats – it didn’t take long before I was going crazy to some flowing Drum and Bass, heavy Dubstep drops, and progressive house – unbelievable night. I got back to the hostel at 6am but managed to get 4 hours sleep before we got chucked out of our room for the daily clean.

Match day, game on…

Me after the game

As you may or may not know I had bought a ticket for F.C Barcelona VS Valencia for Sunday evening so therefore I decided to spend Sunday day seeing some of the touristy sights which drive people to Barcelona. I stood in awe at the base of Sagrada Familia and tagged on to the end of a guided tour, listening to the history of the building which satisfied my interest; I discovered Parc Guell with it’s flowing gardens and pretty architecture; I sat and soaked up the sounds of local artists playing some tranquil notes; and generally had a really great day.

I arrived back at the hostel early after some local lied to me telling me the game was starting earlier than I thought. I thank him now as it gave me the chance to get some rest before the big game. I woke for the game, grabbed a few beers and walked the 5 minute walk from my hostel to the stadium. My seat was brilliant, I got to see some of the best football players in the world, but the atmosphere was absolutely rubbish which ended in me not really getting into the game, even though it ended 5-1 to Barcelona with Messi scoring 4. I think if the crowd were chanting and cheering more I would have enjoyed it, I think at one moment some young boy nearby got shushed by his mother for shouting something enthusiastically, dissapointing of course.

Walking the green city…

Enjoyed chilling here for many hours

I woke early to yet another splendid sunny day and spent all of it walking through the variety of gardens that sit west of the city, I really wish I had taken my camera as some of the views over the city were breathtaking. As I sat on the edge of the wall watching the city rush by I thought to myself how lucky I was to be so free, or more accurately, how I have taken an opportunity as luck simply put, luckiness is when preparation meets opportunity.

So what happened next…

Sun setting over Barcelona

I am writing this post whilst sitting by a fire in a little house in a quiet Spanish town called Pratdip, nearly 2 hours south of Barcelona. I come here once a week – and have been staying in a renovated stone house deep in a valley high up in the rocky mountains nearby, it’s totally secluded and comes with many stories which you will have to wait a little while to read.

Until next time, take care, and thanks for being here to read my story so far, Jonathan x

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    You should have started some chanting at the match.

    Why do you keep attracting Frenchies? Are you wearing a beret?

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