A night in the life of the log fire

The life of the log fire

I sit by the fire,
the moon shines bright,
I sit and admire,
my log fuelled light.

The flame so strong,
so filled with might,
dry log in sight,
so easy it lights,
for it gives no fight,
to the power within,
my log fuelled light.

The warmth it brings,
the crackle it sings,
as it sits alone,
on this cold winters night,
it burns with fury,
my log fuelled light.

It shouts; it screams,
the log it seems,
so weak; so bare,
for not I care,
as I sit aware,
of my growing like,
love in fact,
for my log fuelled light.

Jonathan x

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2 Responses

  1. your father says:

    pains come and go but wait till your a lot older they stay for a long time..enjoying reading your blog its interesting.

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