Rocky mountains of Serra de Llaberia

Leaving the city…

Gayest pose ever haha

My trip to Barcelona was random, and very cool, it was a shame to leave but staying in the city simply costs too much money. I bordered the train to my next destination and left the city behind. I headed towards the rocky mountains of Sierra de Llaberia stopping at l´hospitalet de l´enfant. As I stood there just off the platform I wondered what the next journey would bring. After waiting a little while I was picked up by Hen in a very cool 4×4. He informed me that the guy I met in Barcelona (Anton) had rang and was on his way too – I guess he took my advice seriously afterall. After Anton arrived, we headed towards the small village of Pratdip to stay the night with Hen´s family before heading up to the mountains come morning. Meeting the kids that night was an eye opener in that it made me feel sorry for the kids I know of today – the kids who sit in front of computers all day playing games – as they enthusiastically showed me various stories, paintings, and inventions they had created in their personal sketch books.

Finding the dream…

Long shot of El Reme!

As the sun rose that morning, we made our way up the windy roads deep into the mountains of Sierra de Llaberia to Hen´s house which stood proudly as a local hiking attraction called Mas del Ramer. Upon arrival I was astounded at the pure beauty of both the house and the surrounding area, I could really see where Hen was coming from when he said he´d found his dream, and he sure had worked hard to achieve it.

I´ll never make a stone mason…

The wall we built

We started work the next day on re-building a stone wall which had fallen many years back. The work was really fun, interesting, and pretty physical as we lifted huge boulders throughout the day, I knew I had a weakness in my back so I made sure I lifted everything properly, or so I thought…When the next morning arrived I noticed numbness in my upper left back, shit, not good, anyway we will get to the update on that later.

But maybe a gardner or cook…

Working on the trees

After I noticed my injury, Hen let me do some less strenuous work which led me to pruning the various olive/almond trees which grow on the terraces surrounding the house. I really appreciated his relaxed attitude towards work as he just let me get on with the job and be creative. This led me to really getting stuck in to things such as gardening – a first for me, we worked as a team and cleared a beautiful area by the swimming pool which will end up being such a tranquil spot to relax in the summer when it´s finished. I also began cooking every evening, and was confident in trying some new things, I made some great meals, so I´m told! Nobody died anyway!

Hiking the rocky mountains…

Hiking around the house

While being completely surrounded by hiking trails it was natural for me to seek adventure. I started and completed many hikes, some taking up to 6 hours. It really satisfied my adventurous mind, and will be definitely something I will be doing more often when I return to England. Hiking the mountains gave me the chance to see some of the spectacular views of the surrounding villages and coastline which were more than worth the sweat and tiredness which I often succumbed.

Scary seclution…

So many surrounding trees

On many occasions I was left in the house alone for a few days. The seclution of the place had me flapping at times as my mind started playing tricks on me during the night, often thinking I heard someone outside or seen someone in the window, all a ridiculous fear of course! – created in my head from the numerous scary films and documentaries I´ve seen in my life.

Opportunities taken…

Sculpted to perfection

I was lucky to experience a two day stay in the nearby city of Tarragona – well known for it´s Roman heritage and ruins. I was also invited to a few get togethers where I got to taste the delights of Catalan food – primarily these spring onion looking vegetables which were wrapped in newspaper – the name loses me but they were very yummy indeed.

A long journey to my next journey…

Final stretch of road on my 6 hour hike

Overall, I really enjoyed the place, and it´s definitely somewhere I could spend a large portion of my time working and living, it´s a real natural place for me to be. After three weeks and a discussion about my injury, Hen managed to put me in touch with a local family in need of a website for their renovated stone house at the foothills of the mountains. It was a much needed opportunity for me to take a break from physical work in hope that my back could heal. I thanked Hen for his help, packed my backpack and headed on a long hike to my next placement, from there began my next journey which I will update you on real soon.

Until next time people, love as always, Jonathan x

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