What to pack for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia packing

Here is an exhaustive list of what’s in my backpack, it’s a good reference for myself and it might also give you some ideas on what to take on your travels around Southeast Asia.


Osprey Exos 46 litre backpack with 2 litre hydration system

Clothing and Accessories

Cotton hoody
2 x merino wool t-shirts
2 x zip-off pants
3 x anti-odour, quick dry underpants
2 x anti-odour, sports trainer socks
Running shoes
Flip flops

Technical items

MP3 player with charger
USB to UK adaptor
Phone with charger
Camera with batteries and cable
USB stick
Shaver charger
Travel adaptor


Razor with blades
Nail scissors
Shaving kit
Toothbrush and paste
Hand soap leaves
Universal sink plug
Mosquito repellent


Imodium tablets (diarrhea)
Paracetemol tablets (headache)
IBS relief tablets (stomach cramps)
Anti-hystamine tablets (allergy)
Malaria tablets
Water purification tablets
Travel sickness tablets
Tiger Balm
Personal medication

Other items

Travel pillow (use on a plane, or uncomfortable trains as a back rest)
Locker padlock
Chess set
Playing cards
Writing pads and pens
Spoon and fork
Bowl (eat noodles and food bought in bags)
Clothes line
Zip up see through bag (use at airport security, or for wet clothes)
Meditation stone
Pillow case (lovely and soft)
Tent (if you want to camp in the National Parks)
Sleeping bag (use for camping)
Thin blanket (use for camping)
Bicarbonate of soda (use to get rid of smells from trainers, etc)

Money belt

List of items in backpack
US dollars
Student ID (can sometimes get you discount)
Driving licence
2 x bank cards (free ATM withdrawals)
Oyster card (for the London Underground)
Doctors note for prescribed medication
Visa photos (use for new VISA applications)
Photocopy of passport and driving license (keep seperate to originals)
EHIC card

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6 Responses

  1. Polina says:

    Meditation stone? that’s new for me… can’t we buy it there, in South East Asia, I mean?
    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Jonathan says:

      lol Polina – yes you can. It was a stone my mum got me as a present so I kind of keep it on me. As I said, it’s just a list of all the things I have taken, it’s more for ideas 😉 hehe

  2. Niki says:

    Great list – I’m just about to go to Cambodia and there were things I hadn’t thought of that could definitely come in handy (superglue, my own pillow case, earplugs). Thanks for your website – I think it’s great. Keep writing!

    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve used the superglue to fix my trainers, my own pillow case when camping, staying in accommodation, and the earplugs when on the motorbike, and in some noisy places. Thanks for leaving some feedback, people like you motivate me greatly. Happy travels!

    • Jonathan says:

      p.s – you can buy earplugs and superglue when you’re in Thailand as they’ll be cheaper 🙂

    • Jonathan says:

      Just noticed I had a mistake in the URL – south east instead of southeast. The link has been changed so will probably be broken in the reply I sent you. Peace 🙂

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