Sunday morning in October

autumn leaves

I’m gazing out of the window upon the tree that I’ve known since I was a child. Red, yellow and green are its colours. Beautiful autumn leaves, swaying in a gentle breeze. October is here and the birds are migrating South to the warmer weather, flying in formation and singing their song for us all to hear. The tree looks older now, more mature, although perhaps it’s my eyes that have matured and not the tree itself.

My room has changed though it will always remain the same. Memories of growing up, the good times, the bad times, the past, all playing a significant part in creating the person I have become today.

I’m playing an old selection of music which seems to have captured a moment so vividly as if it holds the key to my deepest memories. Some make me long for times gone by, and some inspire and push me forward to realising my dreams.

It’s been over three years since I started this blog and since then I have travelled to many different places in the world over a period of two and a half years. Every month I wrote a detailed account of my journey, my experiences, and my thoughts on the road. Now I have a small detail of my life which I can look back on in the future.

Why did I come back? Why didn’t I travel forever? After a long time on the road, travel started to become jaded. I wasn’t seeing things for what they truly were anymore and I missed home.

Home :-)

I have been back In England since last December. At the end of July, for the first time in my life I moved out of my mum’s house. I now live in Glossop – the gateway to the Peak District – with my beautiful girlfriend Louise and our teddy bear Snowy.

I’m lucky to work from home as a remote Software Engineer, writing computer code, and trying to keep up with the fast pace of technology. Louise is looking for a change of career direction where she can show the world how creative she is. I have every confidence in her as she is the smartest, most competent person I have ever known 🙂

We are planning a big move early next year where we will be hot footing around different places in Europe, the beauty about working remotely! Starting with a few months (or more) in Paris, and then away we go to Holland, Spain, and wherever the world takes us.

So let the wind blow our sails so we can ride the wave of change as change is the only permanent thing in the world, so we better embrace it for all its worth.

Jonathan x

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  1. chris says:

    Forever the traveller Jon.

    Living in Europe’s best cities and working remotely sounds amazing! Just make sure you update your blog regularly.


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