Hua Hin and Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

Backpacking Hua Hin

The town was in flood and the rain was up to our knees as we waded through the streets of Hua Hin with our clothes rolled up and no shoes on. It was quite a pleasant feeling because the water was warm but not seeing what was under the water was quite concerning.

For some reason we had got excited about the Burger King across the road and decided to indulge, persisting through the flood like true Brits. The burger was good, a bit sloppy, and incredibly overpriced compared to Pad Thai but good nonetheless! We were even told to “fuck off” by some drunk, obese British expat for just being there. Some people can be so territorial!

I feel embarrassed now looking back at the room we stayed in. It was the cheapest place in town and rightly so! Someone had scribbled on the wall “chambre de merde” which translates to “room of shit” which we both agreed with. In the toilet downstairs there were parasites of some sort in a bucket of water which after seeing left me tip-toeing around the place like a Buddhist monk.

Hua Hin itself was quite the touristic place. We did find a few places to eat where the locals went but they were rather dark and dingy and the food wasn’t very good. I guess I can say that now after eating in Thailand for over three months.

The good thing about touristic places though is that you can always expect to find a motorbike to rent. We had planned to get out of town for a while to visit the nearest National Park so we rented a bike and loaded it heavily with our tent and a few backpacks.

Backpacking Hua Hin

Our journey to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park was windy to say the least. When we arrived we had two spots to choose from. One was a stretch of beach with old fishing boats lodged in the sand, the other involved a thirty minute walk over a mountainous hill where there was a restaurant, facilities, lodging, and a camping area. We chose the latter as we felt we deserved a bit of luxury after staying in room of shit.

Water dragon

Water dragons, ever heard of them? Either had we until we nearly died when a couple of them came running towards us after we finished descending the hill. Luckily they quickly changed direction and darted under the some overhanging rock face leaving us questioning if we had really seen them in the first place.

After finding a place to camp I excitedly started to unpack my four man tent that Louise has brought me from England. After pulling everything out of the bag, I realised that the rain sheet was missing. I was absolutely gutted and a bit pissed off. Luckily, all was not lost and we found out that you could rent a pretty good tent for cheap so we decided to do that. I continued to improve our home for the next few nights by hanging some hammocks up between the trees for us to relax in.

Backpacking Hua Hin

As the evening drew to a close we spent some time in our hammocks watching the sun go down and the waves lap the shore, it was very serene although I’m still trying to forget about the fifty odd bites I got that evening by what I suspect to be sand flies biting me from underneath.

Backpacking Hua Hin

We spent the night listening to Angus and Julia Stone with candles in the tent for as much romance as you can add to a tent without lighting it on fire.

We woke up the next morning to the most beautiful sight which I did justice with my camera.

Backpacking Hua Hin

We explored the area for another day, climbing up to the top of the hill to visit some caves which contained the usual shrine and some interesting rock formations. We even got befriended by a dog which sat outside the tent and followed us everywhere.

Backpacking Hua Hin

In the evening, we were treated to some karaoke from the restaurant nearby, a very popular activity for the Thai people. As expected, it continued into the night meaning we couldn’t get to sleep. You know what they say about having too much of a good thing!

Overall, the National Park was awesome, a great place to come to get away from the touristy side of Thailand. Water dragons, massive caves, fun camping, beautiful scenery, what more could we have asked for?!

Our journey continued South with the rain, but as you’ll see in the next chapter, we certainly didn’t let it dampen our spirits!

Peace out,

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