Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand

Backpacking Prachuap Khiri Khan
Prachuap Khiri Khan was considerably less touristy than Hua Hin. No prostitutes hanging around, and no fast food chains, just good old Seven Eleven, some wok stands and a few nice seafood restaurants. We stayed in a tiny room with a bed so small you would think it was made for spooning! However, it was comfortable enough, and no matter where we stayed, a few candles always made the place feel much more relaxing. The name of the place – Maggies Homestay – pretty much says it all. It was like staying in someone’s house. Really chilled out and some interesting people living there long term.

Backpacking Prachuap Khiri Khan

The weather wasn’t very nice and it rained most days although it was nothing unexpected considering we were entering the rainy season. The coastal area was nice with some dramatic rock formations close to the shore giving the place quite an interesting character. A lot of colourful fishing boats where docked in the harbour which was a nice contrast to the dark skies looming above.

Backpacking Prachuap Khiri Khan

The town’s main temple was high up on a hill and habited by a large group of monkeys. We saw one of them stand up to a stray dog at the bottom of the steps which didn’t fill us with much confidence before having to walk past a hundred or so of them as we made the ascent. The temple was cool and gave a beautiful look out over the bay which we caught just as it was getting dark so the glistening lights added to the view.

Backpacking Prachuap Khiri Khan

We also visited the beach which rather oddly was situated inside of a military base where you had to sign a register with your name and address. I did a bit swimming despite the weather whilst Lou sunbathed in the glimpses of sun as it moved between the clouds. There were tiny little sand balls all over the beach which we discovered to be the work of sand bubbler crabs. They live in burrows in the sand and when the tide goes out they leave their burrow and circle their habitat for food which they get from filtering sand through their mouths, leaving behind little waste balls. Creepy!

Backpacking Prachuap Khiri Khan

When it rained we retreated to a nice coffee shop to do some writing where we witnessed some old Thai woman brushing the water away from her shop as it moved closer and closer with each raindrop. God help her in the rainy season!

We ate out at quite a mix of places. Some lovely fish by the sea which was cooked over a BBQ, a rather dark and dingy eating experience in one of the local haunts as we tried to find some cheap noodles, and a late night pit stop at one of the noodle soup stands at 3am – the best!

Prachuap Khiri Khan is a nice place to unwind and see what life is like in a typical Thai town next to the sea without all the tourist crap. Go check it out 🙂
Onwards we go, into the rain!

Jonathan x

P.S – Here is a video I took of the monkey and the dog in what appeared to be a staring contest.

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