Why I quit my job to travel the world

Osprey Exos 46l kicking ass!

The progress of life moves quicker than ever when you become set into common routines. I like to make changes, keep things fresh, not only to prevent myself from the boredom that life often throws at me but to give me something to look back on when I grow old; something to smile about when I’m sitting, sharing my experiences with my grandchildren.

I first became interested in travel when I returned from my holiday to Australia, it opened my eyes to the world and how much it has to offer or more accurately how little I’ve actually experienced. At the start of 2011 I made a promise to myself that I would break my daily routines and take the plunge into the big bad world, as the news oftenly suggests.

On the way up to the Alhamba

Don’t get me wrong, my daily routines are important, it includes work, and work is vital in collectively saving a small amount to fund your ideas, your dreams, your life as you want it. Most of my travelling will start out living at the homes of various families across the globe, working for them  on new developments in the house, helping out in return for food and a roof over my head.

This first hand experience of people’s culture is important to me, not only does it help me appreciate what I have in retrospect to others but it also gives me a true appreciation of the simpler things in life, instead of just material posessions which often holds common in society today.

The blog will be a small detail of my life, one I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing.